Thursday, January 21, 2021

Congratulations, Jason!

Jason Rainone has earned the Certified Lighting Designer (CLD), the first international, evidence-based certification in architectural lighting design. Jason is among the first lighting designers in the world to earn the new international certification, which demonstrates that he has a proven track record of excellence and has successfully validated his skill in a rigorous assessment process that defines  high standards of professional practice.

The certification process, governed by the Certified Lighting Design Commission, is designed to assess the ability to operate as a lead architectural lighting designer in a professional and proficient manner by considering a person’s imaginative, technical, and professional responsibility skills.

“We congratulate Jason on earning the CLD. This global benchmark of performance demonstrates his proficiency in developing, guiding, and completing lighting design projects,” said David Becker, Chair of the Certified Lighting Design Commission.

Why would a Certified Lighting Designer improve your project?

It's all about the Domains...

Goals and Outcomes: Lighting with a clear intent that performs as designed.

Collaboration: Recognize that it takes a team to create a project.

Ingenuity: A little imagination can make a good project great.

Synthesis: Great lighting works with a space, not against it.

Science: To design with light you first have to understand light.

Stewardship: Responsible lighting is more than just a wattage label.

Human Experience: Lighting that positively affects the people who use it.


  1. Congrats Jason!!! Well deserved!
    -Tony Schmidt, JRA

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