Thursday, June 28, 2018

PENN Galleries

Did you recognize the outside of the building we shared back in April? 

Well here is a sneak peak inside! 

We recently completed work on the Penn Museum - Middle East Galleries. This area was designed as a white box rather than a traditional black box display. The gallery design, done by Haley Sharpe Design, focused on a clean, modern, and open feel. 
The view from the entrance to the 3rd gallery

The gallery also houses an amazing collection of seals and clay tablets, which needed to lit from specific directions in order for the impressions to be legible.

Here is a cuneiform tablet grazed with light from the upper left hand corner to ensure the impressions, made with a tool held in the right hand, are legible.

If you're in Philadelphia, make sure to visit the 
Penn Museum Galleries for yourself!

Photos used with permission of Penn Museum. 
Photos by Raffi Berberian Photography.

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