Thursday, October 22, 2015

Project Complete - The Jim Beam Urban Stillhouse

ALD recently completed work on another collaborative project with Jack Rouse Associates. 

The Jim Beam Urban Stillhouse in Louisville, Kentucky opened to the public on October 1st! This downtown location is meant to supplement the larger Jim Beam American Stillhouse, which is 30 minutes outside the city. To find out more about either location, visit their website.

The new location offers the following highlights to visitors:

  • A distillation system showcasing a small copper pot still with a unique rectifying column and see-through glass vapor condenser.
  •  Interactive displays and décor that immerse Bourbon enthusiasts in the Jim Beam® brand and educate them on the fine nuances of whisky making;
  • A one-of-a-kind tasting bar crafted from reclaimed wood and designed to reflect barrel staves and flowing Bourbon;
  • A sculptural American Oak tree built from barrel staves. The tree features a canopy crafted from laser-cut steel leaves and illuminated Jim Beam bottles, symbolic of the First Family of Bourbon;
  • A full retail store offering branded items, as well an opportunity for guests to label, fill and customize their own bottle of the site’s exclusive Bourbon offering, Jim Beam Urban Stillhouse Select.
JRA provided complete master planning, design and project management for both the Jim Beam Urban Stillhouse in Louisville and the Jim Beam American Stillhouse and Distillery Tour in Clermont, KY and we designed the lighting for both locations.

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