Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Adam Goes to LSI & West Point

Earlier this month I was in attendance for the Lighting Services Inc (LSI) Fall Foliage Conference and factory visit in New York.  I have been working with LSI for as long as I have been at Abernathy Lighting Design, so it was a great experience to visit their facility and see how the products we specify are produced and meet the people who produce them.  It was very interesting to see how their products go from initial design to final product and then shipped out to their customers.

The conference was both entertaining and informational because not only was I shown many of LSI’s current and future products, but they were presented in a way that was fun for everyone.  The entire LSI staff was great and they all worked together to show us their products like they do to produce them.  My favorite part was the hands-on time, where we were able to use all of their products in various configurations to see them first hand.

For my second full day in New York, we were treated to an Army Black Knights Football game at West Point Academy.   I was very excited for this event because I had never been to a college football game before.  We were treated the traditional pregame parade, a tailgate of our own, and even met with some cadets that attend West Point.  The entire experience just added to the great weekend put on by LSI and Army won!

I’d like to thank our friends at LSI and Bob at Boston Light Source for having me along for this event.  I learned so much and had a great time with everyone that attended LSI Fall Foliage!


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