Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The UN declares 2015 the International Year of LIGHT!

The United Nations has declared 2015 the "International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies!"

"In proclaiming an International Year focusing on the topic of light science and its applications, the UN has recognized the importance of raising global awareness about how light-based technologies promote sustainable development and provide solutions to global challenges in energy, education, agriculture and health. Light plays a vital role in our daily lives and is an imperative cross-cutting discipline of science in the 21st century."

The Year of Light is an international event and many countries are hosting their own unique on-going events as part of the celebration. This event calendar can be found online on the UN's website and can be searched by country! 

The closest current event to our home office in Rhode Island is the "PhotonSelfie" in Norwich, CT. There is also an upcoming event later in the year scheduled for Cambridge, MA called "Light: Beyond the Bulb."  

These events are meant to show people of all ages the central role of light in science and culture.

How are you planning to celebrate the YEAR OF LIGHT??

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