Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Innovative Inspiration # 8: Prismatica

For five years now Luminothérapie has been an integral part of Montreal’s battle against the winter blues. Luminothérapie is a festival where art, design and light come together. The festival installations are designed to bring light and fun to drab Montreal public spaces during the winter months. This year's installation is called PRISMATICA and includes fifty 6-feet-tall prisms placed on turning pedestals. People can interact with the exhibit by spinning these prisms to produce soothing musical notes and to change how the light interacts with the prism and surrounding area.

According to the article on LEDInside.com, "the prisms are made of panels covered with a filter that transmits and reflects every color in the rainbow, varying with the position of the light source and the observer.The prisms are mounted on bases that contain light projectors and speakers. As they pivot, they create polychromatic effects accompanied by a series of variable-intensity bell sounds."

For more information on this installation, check out LEDInside.com!  It's great how people can use light to help combat the winter blues! It's something we can all use after being buried under so much snow!

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