Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Site Visit: Brookings Interpretive Center @ the Missouri Botanical Gardens

Kathy and Chris recently returned from a site visit to the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis! ALD is proud to have been recently hired as part of the JCo. team working to renovate the incredible Brookings Interpretive Center. The exhibits in the Center are being redone and updated to allow for greater flexibility. The Brookings Interpretive Center does a variety of events and exhibit themes each year aimed to educate visitors about the importance of plants and conservation.The Center emphasizes family-friendly and hands-on learning environments. The planned renovation will allow the space (and the lighting) to adapt to each different theme! Past exhibit themes include: Exploring Trees Inside and Out, EarthWays: Living the Green Life, DinoQuest: A Tropical Trek Through Time, TREEmendous and Plants and People: China.The photos from our recent site visit depict the current Nature in Your Neighborhood exhibit designed to open visitors' eyes to the plants that exist around them. This exhibit will be there though January 4, 2015.

The site visit is a very important part of the lighting design process. The visit allows everyone on the team to meet and collaborate in person. It also allows all the designers to take photos of the existing space to use as a reference during the next phase of the design process. The sooner the lighting designer is hired and involved in the process, the better the project is in the end! Being involved early allows the lighting designer to collaborate with the rest of the team from the beginning and to integrate the ground work and infrastructure for the lighting system into the interior design. This also helps keep costs down because interior work does not need to be redone or disturbed to add the lighting in later.

The renovations on the Brookings Interpretive Center are expected to be completed in 2016... we are excited to bring you updates on the project as it progresses and to see how incredible the space turns out to be once it's finished! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Innovative Inspiration # 2 - ENRA: Dance & Light

This week, we shared an article and video about the Japanese dance troupe ENRA and how they are combining light and animation to bring their dance routines to the next level. Check out our Facebook page for more!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Innovative Inspirations

As part of our social media initiative, we are planning to share on our Facebook page news stories from around the world that highlight break throughs in lighting design and application! This week, we've shared a story about an LED panel basketball floor created by Nike and installed at a training facility in China!

Check out our Facebook page to read the article and see the demo video!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Tribute to "Stubby"

In a world of never ending errors and omissions, where information is always flowing and comments are always required, there is one who has always been up to the task; the venerable Red Pencil. For decades it has stood ever ready to correct the grammar of a poorly worded callout note, to adjust the track head locations in a museum gallery that's been completely rearranged without your knowledge, or to ask such seemingly simple questions as "wasn't this a conference room in the last revision?”
Yet, despite their usefulness, the red pencil is so frequently neglected. Too often it is caught up in papers destined for the recycle bin, it’s tossed into a purse or laptop bag never to be seen again, or tucked behind an ear and inadvertently taken home where it is chewed by the dog and summarily discarded. Time and again, through all of these indignities, the useful life of this loyal office tool is tragically cut short and it's soft red light snuffed out before it's time.
Today, we at Abernathy Lighting Design wish to take a moment to pay tribute to one of our own. While no one can remember just when Stubby was first removed from his crisp white box in the supply closet, we can all remember his many days moving from desk to desk, from pencil cup to pencil cup, marking and commenting his way through shop drawing submittals, electrical drawing reviews, and even the occasional contract rewrite. Stubby served his time with dignity and grace and it is with great pride that, today, we bid a fond retirement to our old friend after a lifetime of faithful service. While it is always hard to say goodbye to long-time colleagues, often it is for the best as, quite frankly, Stubby simply doesn't fit in the pencil sharpener any more.
And so, as we reflect on the storied career of our dear friend Stubby, we encourage you all to glance around your desks, your work tables and conference rooms, and bid a simple Thank You to the many daily implements of design which so many of us take for granted.
Stubby, we wish you well in retirement, and while we know that there are many in the supply closet who can perform your tasks, you can never truly be replaced!