Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Abernathy Lighting Design, collaborating with Museum Design Associates, Uihlein Wilson Architects and KJWW, was proud to work on the Wesley W. Jung Carriage Museum - home to Wisconsin's most extensive and diverse collection of carriages, sleighs, wagons, and more, the Wesley W. Jung Carriage Museum contains 70 horse- and hand-drawn vehicles.

Self-guided tours allow you to explore, at your own pace, the vehicles that transported people and goods so important to a growing American economy.

 Carriages were the main form of transportation for virtually everyone. From the milk man to the firefighters.
Meticulously restored and preserved, the vehicles in the collection were all in operation sometime between 1870-1915.
Check out their web-site and be sure to visit the next time you are in Wisconsin!


Special shout out to ETC and Enterprise Lighting for their support during our aiming trip!

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