Tuesday, March 25, 2014

LLB Office Lobby wins IES Award!

This month the Lighting Controls Association (LCA) Magazine is honoring our 2013 Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Lighting Control Innovation Award for LLB Architects office lobby!

These awards were created to recognize professionalism, ingenuity, and creativity in lighting design. For the lobby wall at LLB Architects, we lit four translucent frosted acrylic panels, each 36”x96" that are connected to the internet through a computer. Every hour, the computer accesses weather data for the local area from the National Weather Service and determines values for the four characteristics the wall represents (from left to right); Wind Speed, Air Pressure, Relative Humidity, and Temperature. For each weather characteristic, an independent color gradient was established and programmed into the controller. For example, the Temperature gradient runs from blue for cooler temperatures to red for warmer temperatures.

The installation has a rated life of 120,000 hrs and draws only 207 watts. The result is a low maintenance, budget friendly installation which stands as a subtle, ever changing representation of the world outside the lobby door, created through technology and light!

Thank you IES for the Award! To read more about the specifics of the control system, check out The Lighting Controls Association article.

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