Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A post on leadership everyone should strive to emulate - "When Listening Isn't a Good Thing"

Those of us at ALD were recently impressed by an article by Bob Chapman, the CEO of Barry-Wehmiller Company. He espouses  "Truly Human Leadership" - a management style he created that emphasizes the importance of the individual people working for a company and believes that people should be led, not traditionally "managed". His management philosophy can be found in detail on his website-

In this particular article, "When Listening Isn't a Good Thing", Bob discusses the negative effects gossip can have in the work place and methods to stop the gossip train. One of the most important ways is to lead by example:

"As a leader, when we listen to people speculating, belittling or disparaging others, we are encouraging more of this behavior. Those who gossip love the thrill of being the first to let you in on some juicy secret.  Don’t give them the thrill."

For more information on decreasing gossip in your workplace and leading through your own example, you can read the full article by clicking this link!

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