Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Why Hire a Lighting Designer?

Light is a technically difficult and astonishing medium that requires mastery of varied and continually evolving disciplines. A lighting design practice integrates the arts, sciences, and business of illumination design and implementation, far beyond concerns of visibility and horizontal foot-candles.

You get a professional that specializes in lighting...
·         Technology
·         Technique
·         Education
·         Independence

You get the benefits of Professional Lighting Services...
·         Equipment Cost Control
·         Operations Cost Control
·         Prevent cost from over lighting
·         Proper lighting can improve productivity
·         An artistic eye to lighting can take your project to the next level

How do you qualify a “Lighting Designer”?
·         IALD Professional and Associate Members
·         LC Lighting Certification
·         IESNA: Illuminating Engineering Society of North America
·         Lighting Design Award Programs
·         Lighting Education

The International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) in conjunction with the Lighting Industry Resource Council (LIRC) has also created a document called the Guidelines for Specification Integrity.   

The Guidelines for Specification Integrity, 2005 edition provides specification recommendations and actions specifiers can take relating to various phases of a lighting project's development, from the early design phases through completion of construction and commissioning. The Guidelines outline and clarify the channels and entities involved in the specification process to help control the budget process and avoid cost escalations leading to substitution of specified products. The Guidelines have been updated to address issues including various project types, international specification issues, project phases in the USA compared with other countries, sustainable design issues, and more.”  This is an excellent document that should be read by all.  It can be purchased from the IALD or on-line at the IESNA bookstore. 

Something that is important at Abernathy Lighting Design and is discussed in the Guidelines but important enough to reiterate is that collaboration is the key to success!  Be sure to collaborate with not only the design team but with your local lighting representative and the lighting manufacturers for the success of the project.  

The IALD website has a great section on the benefits of incorporating quality lighting design into your next project... check out their site for more information!

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